Message from the Consistoire

Dear Parishioners,

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, all of our church’s events and services have been canceled until further notice. Just before Easter, during Lent and Spring’s full bloom, our usual rhythm of life, that is, our daily, work and school routine has changed radically. We have been instructed to reduce contact with some of our family members, our loved ones and friends, subsequently we are concerned for their well-being. In these difficult times, we can be sure that God is with us and comforts us.
We hope and trust that the drastic measures taken by the authorities are effective and save lives. During these times, we have the opportunity to re-orient ourselves and focus on other things such as learning what it means to take care of each other, taking the time to call friends or writing a letter to the postman thanking him for delivering our post on a daily basis. Take time to pray and reflect on what contribution you can make, so that loved ones and those around you do not suffer, either physically or mentally.

We are thankful and grateful to all the people who work in hospitals and various other aid services. We respect politicians, institutions etc. who have to make crucial decisions in these unprecedented  times. We support them by including them in our prayers and intercessions.
We are aware that the measures ordered are aimed at protecting the most vulnerable in society that is the sick and our elders. But let’s not forget that the Covid-19 can also affect younger and seemingly healthy people. So please stay alert and take good care of yourself and your social distancing.

Rest assured that we are here for you. If you feel distressed, please call us on the following telephone numbers: 22 96 70 or 621 285 709. If you need assistance with errands, we can call on volunteers.

If you are available to help, please let us know and thank you in advance.

Throughout the confinement period, the Trinity Church is open Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sundays for prayers. During these hours, you will find a direct contact and / or you can join one of our pastors at our tel. following: 22 96 70 or 621 285 709.

May God keep you safe and protect you and your loved ones and Happy Easter